Children & Divorce

When we first get married to someone, we are basically planning our whole life around that person. It is an important union, one that needs to be cherished and upheld. However, not every marriage can be seen through to the end. Sometimes there are problems, they can be big problems, or an accumulation of smaller problems that ultimately cause a rift. Dealing with a divorce is a difficult process too, one that physically, emotionally and financially exhausts you. Things become more complicated when children are involved in this too.

It is important to note that things don’t always have to be messy here. You and your spouse can peacefully settle child custody and visitation rights together. However, in cases where you cannot settle, see eye to eye, or if you want sole custody of your children, then you will have to get lawyers involved. You can find plenty of available Indian family lawyers Melbourne to help you during this time.

Joint custody allows both parents to be a part of their children’s lives albeit separately, the children spend a few days of the week with one spouse, and the rest with other. If you do not want joint custody, there can be visitation rights given to your spouse where they can meet the children for a few designated hours. These visits are either supervised or unsupervised depending on the nature of the case. In extreme cases where abuse is involved, one spouse is able to get full custody of the children, and even deny visitation rights to the other.

Next comes the issue of alimony. This is the amount of money the sole earning spouse owes to the other in order to help in raising the children till they are no longer minors. The amount is decided by the court but can later be changed or challenged incase financial situations change.