Gear For Playing The Cricket

Every sport has its own gear and it is possible to play some sports without the gear but it will not be that much fun and if you plan on playing a sport seriously then you cannot do without the proper gear because that is the rule of sport. The gear or kit of a sport is also necessary to buy because the sport cannot be played without many things that are included in the gear and some of them are very necessary for the safety of the player.

In this article, we are here to talk about cricket and the gear that the players are required to wear during the matches. We are going to talk about a few components of the gear but if you want in depth detail of it then we suggest that your best bet is to research online where you would be able to find all the information you need regarding cricket gear.

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Bat is a very necessary component of cricket and the sport cannot be played without it. It is a piece of equipment which has a flat surface, is made of wood and has a handle through which the player maneuvers it.


It is another important piece of equipment that is circular in shape and is hit by the bat.


Two kinds of pads are generally used in cricket, knee and shoulder pad. The main purpose of these pads is to protect the body parts from the impact of the ball.


Specific shoes are used in cricket because normal shoes are not feasible for the sport.