Learn to Express Yourself Under The Master Contemporary Dancers

For people who love improvised creativity, spontaneous imagination and have a lot of artistic energy in them, contemporary dancing is bound to sound interesting; this highly creative dance type is loved by many for the sheer amount of creativity and expression it is capable of capturing. One of the best things about contemporary dancing is that it can be learnt, all you need is the right amount of passion and a teacher that can help you find your style, develop and refine it and then help you maintain it. This is exactly what FiveLines does, this educational establishment has made it its job to help artists create new ways of expressing themselves and assist people in discovering the world of contemporary dancing.

FiveLine’s business centre is home to a great amount of talent, with highly talented teachers who have extensively explored this dance form. The company’s creative director, Ezekiel Oliveira studied in London’s Contemporary Dance School and graduated in 2007, since then he has actively performed all across Europe in a number of settings, he has even created his own pieces to which he has performed.

While FiveLine’s creative director has heaps of experience in professionally dancing, Bernice Lee, another gifted instructor at the company, focuses a lot on the meticulous details of dancing. Her love for contemporary dancing comes from the art form’s ability to allow one to completely tangle themselves and then untangle all at once to create an incredibly beautiful and artistic masterpiece. With talent like this providing dance classes at FiveLine’s one can expect to learn a great deal about this dance form, they have some of the best classes for contemporary dance Singapore has seen, all of which are designed to help artists create and explore this unique niche of art.