The 10 Best Dishes From Spain: Delicious Cuisine You Have to Try

When you hear of Spain the first things that may come across your head are Spanish, paella, beautiful beaches and excellent music.

Spain is a country with a rich and tasty cuisine. In this article we have collected the 10 best dishes from Spain. This article will share them with you, so you can discover them and try them as soon as possible.

#1 – Paella:

This is the most representative dish from Spanish cuisine. The flavor of saffron and the many other ingredients that compose it will send you in a trip of pure delight and pleasure. If you want to taste the best from this type of cuisine, then paella is a must. It tastes so well you won’t stop eating.

#2 – Patatas Bravas:

At first they look like simple fried potatoes with cheese over it. But the quality of Spanish cheese along with the flavor of fried potatoes in olive oil make this dish pretty unique. It’s usually served as a side dish, and it’s a pretty good one in fact.

#3 – Tortilla Española:

Here we have another classic of Spanish cuisine. Tortilla Española can contain different ingredients. For example, the most popular includes potatoes, chorizo, onions and some tomato. Although, some people prefer to leave the tomato out.

There’s plenty of room for experiments with this dish, you can replace chorizo for seafood for example.

#4 – Gazpacho:

This cold soup is going to knock your socks off. It includes cucumbers, tomatoes and plenty of flavor. If you are looking for something different yet full of flavor, then you need to taste this.

#5 – Crema Catalana:

This delicious crema is very similar to Crème brûlée. In fact, it’s almost the same, but it’s made with typical Spanish condiments, and this adds to it a different taste and makes it very delicious in all senses.

#6 – Pulpo a la Gallega:

If you love seafood, then you will love this delicious dish made with octopus. It tastes so well and is so suave that you will love every bite. Pulpo a la Gallega is a very iconic dish, and you definitively have to try it.

#7 – Fabada Asturiana:

This stew is one of the most popular in Spain. You will find beans, chorizo, meat and plenty of vegetables. If you are looking for a hearty meal, then here you have it.

#8 – Croquetas:

This simple yet incredible dish is made of cheese, potatoes and ham. What could go wrong? It’s so crunchy on the surface and so suave in the interior that you will love it.

#9 – San Jacobos:

It is basically breast chicken filled with ham and cheese. Again, here you can experiment by adding jamon ibérico instead of ham and other kind of cheese.

#10 – Albondigas:

If you are looking for the best meatballs in the world, then you need to try the Spanish version: Albondigas. You are going to love it, because it tastes so well.