The 10 Best French Meals You Should Eat Before Kicking The Bucket

Everybody knows how excellent, tasty and elegant French cuisine is.

There are many dishes which are worth trying, but from the vast number of candidates, we have selected the real top 10, so you can get to know them and try them before you kick the bucket.

#1 – Moules Marinières:

If you love seafood, then you are going to fall in love with the Moules Marinières.

Although this dish is traditional from Belgium, it’s also very popular in France and they have integrated their own variants to the traditional recipe.

The combination between mussels and French fries will make you die of delight. This dish is a really great one to try.

#2 – Blanquette de Veau:

This exquisite dish made of Veal Tenderloin is a really great one to try. If you want a dish that will make you feel like you were living a dream, then you need to try the Blanquette de Veau.

#3 – Soupe à L’oignon:

This is a classic. The combination of the delicious onion soup, cheese and bread make it one of the best fishes from French cuisine, and that’s why you should definitively try it.

Fortunately, this dish has become so popular that you can find it in most restaurants.

#4 – Cheese Soufflé:

And here we go again with cheese. There’s nothing like eating a delicious French cheese soufflé. And if you add a good Beaujolais for a drink and a fresh salad, then you have the perfect dish.

#5 – Piperade:

We can say that the Piperade is a close cousin to the traditional dish known as Ratatouille. This dish resides mainly in using onion and pepper for its preparation, and you will be more than delighted with the end result.

#6 – Magret de Canard:

This dish is made with duck breast, and it’s cooked so well that you will fall in love with it from the first till the last bite. If you want something different, then here you have it.

#7 – Confit de Canard:

Again here we have a dish made with duck. And the most special part about this one is that it’s cooked by using the same fat of the duck, and this brings it a very interesting and unique flavor.

#8 – Bouillabaisse:

It’s known as the most iconic dish from Marseille. It implements many different kinds of seafood along with saffron, and the result is so fabulous you will fall in love with it.

#9 – Pissaladière:

We can call it as the French version of pizza. It’s made with onions, anchovies and olives. It’s very simple yet it’s loaded with plenty of flavor, you really have to try it, especially when you put extra cheese on it.

#10 – Ratatouille:

And we couldn’t leave the famous ratatouille out of this listing. This dish is so popular that a movie is named in honor to its name. It’s so fresh, delicious and simple that you will love every single bit. Totally recommended.