The Kitty Diet

A lot of cat owners struggle with the idea of not feeding all of their own food to their cat. While we understand that you love your cat and want it to have different foods and that you might also be lazy at times and it is just easier to give the cats some of your own leftovers, you cannot keep doing that. It harms the cat a lot when it has to eat human food, especially since most food humans eat does not really suit the feline digestive system. It can end up causing a lot of problems for your pet if you do not stick to feeding it food specifically meant for cats.

While having said that we feel that you should know that there are some food items that are actually a lot worse for your cat than other food items. Here is a list of food cats shouldn’t eat, which you can research online to find a more complete guide. First of all, the one food that is most commonly given to cats that shouldn’t be is milk. Milk is actually really bad for cats, contrary to popular belief, as are all other dairy items as adult cats are lactose intolerant. You cat will love to have a bit of milk, but it will cause an upset stomach, digestive issues, vomiting, and even diarrhea.

Other foods that are given to cats but are actually horrible for them are raw meats, and this includes things like fish, fat trimmings, and even eggs. These foods can give your cat salmonella or e. coli and can really end up harming the cat and ruin its digestive system. Furthermore things like tomatoes, macadamia nuts, onions, grapes, raisins, and raw potatoes are toxic for cats and can be fatal for the cats.