The Way It Feels

Gaslighting is a terminology that a lot of people aren’t aware of. They don’t even realize that something so cruel could be happening to them until it’s far too late and they have been already driven past their breaking points. The act itself is one of the many ways an abusive or sociopathic individual manipulates the way you think and feel. Overall, attempting to take total control over your mind and body so that you no longer have any willpower of your own and you can turn out the exact way they want you to be usually leaving you isolated and insecure.

Gaslighting in relationships: 7 signs + how to put out the flame is something you learn only after you realize that it’s been happening to you. The process begins slowly and in different ways depending on the manipulator in question. You see the stark difference between their memories of any certain incidence and your memories in regards to the same event yet they assure you that the way they remember it is the true away that circumstances transpired yet you just can’t put your finger on whether they are telling the truth, or whether you are remembering the wrong event.

When they bring this forth with so much conviction and confidence, you can’t help but think that you must be the one confused and in some cases, you don’t think there’s really any reason for your partner to lie to you, but turns out that’s exactly what they’re doing and that it’s just the first step forward in a much more grandiose plan to have you question your perception, reality and sanity. These relationships are toxic to your well-being as they involve manipulation, misdirection and a lot of lying to change the way you can perceive the world.