Why Eating Healthy Doesn’t Equal to Eating Ugly

You probably have heard that in order to get lean and healthy you need to stick to healthy yet flavorless diets. This is the rule for many people, who resort in disgusting recipes and flavorless salads to lose weight.

Did you know that this statement is greatly flawed? Eating healthy doesn’t equal to eating ugly, and this article will explain you why. Because as you read every word of this short article you will begin to understand that you can eat rich while losing weight.

The Wrong Enemy: Fats

Everybody knows that fats are not good for losing weight…

Well, that statement is deeply wrong as well. When you are trying to lose weight fats are the wrong enemy.

You enjoy of a tasty meal made with olive oil and many other fatty foods without any problems at all. That’s why the ketogenic diet exists, which is 75% fat and yet the people who follow it manage to lose plenty of weight in record time.

The thing is that, once you clear from your mind the idea that fats are bad, you open for yourself a horizon of possibilities. Because as fats are allowed and free for you to consume, you can innovate your recipes.

The thing is to have a limit. A healthy diet can be composed by 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats. Of course, you can play around with this. If you are trying to burn that stubborn fat which is so hard to get rid of, then you can try to keep the carbs at 15-20% and increase your % of fats while keeping protein intake at the same level.

The thing is that, once you understand that fats are not inherently bad, you can enjoy of better, healthier and tastier foods.

The Cravings Factor:

The other thing about adding more fats to your diet is that you will control your cravings better.

When people like you base their diets on carbs, some going as high as 80%, the problems start to happen. Especially because most of these carbs are not the best (bread, pasta, etc.)

When you eat so high in carbs, and when they are so refined, then it will be very hard to control cravings and this will take you to eat more in a daily basis, and at the end of the day this will make you fatter.

So if you want to control your cravings better and enjoy of better meals, then it won’t hurt you to add more fats to your diet.

Fats are incredibly good at the hour of keeping cravings under strict control. Once you make this switch you won’t turn back any time. Because it will so well and taste so well that you won’t want to come back to your old life.

That’s all for this article. As you can see it’s possible to eat rich while losing weight. If you had any question, just comment it below.